Blue Quarter: A Discreet Cocktail Spot from the Amor y Amargo Team

Tea Cocktails in a Mediterranean Pocket of the East Village

By Ilana Dadras ·

Sometimes all you need is a tea-based cocktail in a tiny jewel box of a bar tucked behind a Mediterranean restaurant.

Sometimes you'll need a lot more than that. 

But for now, we're going to focus on those simpler times. The ones you'll head straight to Blue Quarter, an attractive little speakeasy inspired by a love for tea and not being in easily discovered locations, opening tomorrow evening in the East Village.

Well, to be clear, you'll head straight to Local92, on an evening you've got a date who may be interested in an Oolong Island Iced Tea or a brandy-rum Dragoon Punch (their extra o, not ours). Head inside, striding confidently past the brick walls and low wooden tables. You'll know you're in the right place when your eyes land on the bright blue keyhole-arched door. Through it: an intimate back room blue-lit by the stained glass windows, with tiled tabletops, wood detailing and ornate lanterns hanging overhead. 

It's the latest from Max Green, who gained a love of bitters at Amor y Amargo and has now carried this love over into a place of his own, focused on teas, bitter in their own right. Right, so, the menu. Lots of tea: tea infusions, tea syrups, just straight-up tea... It's meant to feel like a secret tea den, one where you can escape the East Village hustle/bustle with a scotch-earl grey tea-coconut water-paprika cocktail or punch served in a tea pot. 

We'll leave it to you to definitively decide upon the zen-like qualities of tea pot punch.

Here, we've got some photos of the joint...

Blue Quarter, opening tomorrow, 92 2nd Ave (between E 5th & E 6th), 212-432-2232, see the menu and the slideshow

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