David Lynch Has an Amazon Store for T-Shirts Now, Because He Would

The Designs Aren't Not Weird

By Sam Eichner ·
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From the man who brought you an enigmatic profusion of disturbing images in Eraserhead...

And an enigmatic profusion of profoundly disturbing images in Blue Velvet....

And also just a whole lot of damn good coffee and pie....

Comes a web store on Amazon full of crew-neck t-shirts, emblazoned with the strange, absurd, mundane images director, artist and musician David Lynch has cooked up in his mind (and studio). It's just as—for lack of a better word—Lynchian as you'd expect

Now, keep in mind: this isn't just a few shirts. There are over 50, all of which come in various solid colors, with a different square-shaped graphic. They seem to be branded under the moniker, "Absurda," which also happens to be the name of one of Lynch's short films. Some of them appear to borrow from the aesthetic of some of his movies—especially the shapes in Eraserhead. There is an entire mini-series, it seems like, devoted to different close-ups of flowers. One just features a picture of a homeless person, in gritty black-and-white, with the word "Homeless LA" beneath it. My personal favorites are the ones with simply rendered animals and insects, with the names of the particular animal or insect below. I'm not sure what occasion you'd wear those for—maybe a Nine Inch Nails concert at the old Roadhouse?but it seems like Lynch at his most zen. 

A few of the most interesting shirts are below (although it's hard to judge). If you're looking for a safe bet, a T-shirt that says, "I'm a fan of David Lynch, but I don't want to be seen wearing a darkly cubist portrait of a 'girl thinking,'" you can always go with the relatively normal-looking David Lynch Foundation tee

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