Immortalize Your Dad’s Signature by Way of a Classy Bookmark

Happy Father’s Day. Now If You Could Just Sign Here…

By Thompson Brandes ·

Dads...they’re simply too lazy or too stubborn to safekeep their precious Hemingway novels with a bookmark these days, am I right? Between ample naps and snoozes, the post-it note always seems to take supremacy, sometimes even nothing at all—the old man can always “just fold the top corner of the page.”

But ah, what if you’re old man had a bookmark of which he could stare at his own gorgeous, rose gold-plated signature betwixt chapters of A Farewell to Arms?

Sincerely—helmed by Hollywood stylist Romy Devack—specializes in jewelry custom-created with you or a loved one’s own handwriting and signature. As for the bookmarks, each can be personalized in various metals, including brass, gold and black rodium, and make for a great gift coming from anyone in the family. (So hypothetically, that John Hancock doesn’t have to be his own.)

Sincerely’s Custom Signature Bookmarks are available now in time for Father’s Day for $600-800. And for more great gifts, check out our full Father's Day gift guide.

Thompson Brandes

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