A Late-Night Diner Is About to Land in the Old Gigi Space

Where Beaker & Gray's Brian Nasajon Will Ply You With Bagel Bites and Sherry Cocktails

By Ginger Harris ·
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Gone are the days of late-night noodle consumption at Gigi.

But hey, chin up. The days of late-night diner-staple consumption in the old Gigi space will be upon us when Mason opens on Monday from Brian Nasajon of Beaker & Gray fame. And then proceeds to stay open until 2am every damn day. Check it out.

You'll head here with your hungry, post-night-out crew. Or anyone who needs breakfast after said night out (it's open mornings, too). The space has evolved since its Gigi days via champagne-pink leather booths, dark wood tables and a white marble diner counter.

Slide into one of those booths and keep the night going with a Green Tea Cobbler cocktail with sherry, tea and honey. Most of that is good for you, should you need justification for a second.

That was nice, wasn't it? Kind of makes you want a larger-than-life, all-day diner menu with easy access to bagel bites with garlic churros and nova lox with dill cream. Or perhaps a short rib melt. You get it.

But should your visit take place during daylight hours, grab a seat at one of the communal tables outside and have a Mason Grace with sparkling rosé and blonde ale. Sit a spell and bask in the sun. Realize that life is fleeting and so are Belgian waffles with salted butter and jam.

Being carefree and generally non-introspective totally works, too. 

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