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Drew Bledsoe Just Gave Terry Rozier His Own Wine. Who’s Got Next?

A Few Other Star Athlete Wine Pairings Bound for Success

By Thompson Brandes ·
Pro Sports Media

In case you haven’t heard, former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe has bold new plans to give newly cemented Celtics legend and fellow Bostonite Terry Rozier his own wine: a Terry Rosé. It’s all very timely and beautiful and thirst-inducing—I, for one, will be having a glass of chilled Terry Rosé the second it hits the market. But it also got us thinking: what are some other star athlete wine pairings destined for greatness? 

Sauvignon Gronk

NBC Sports

The Wine: You’re getting a crisp, dry, full-bodied white hailing from the New England region (no surprises there). Pair it with another bottle of Sauvignon Gronk, and then another bottle of Sauvignon Gronk after that.
The Year: ‘69, its lone vintage.

Vinny LeCabernet

The Wine: Lecavalier may not be in the Hall of Fame (yet), but his bold, full-bodied Cab is first-ballot nonetheless. Enjoy it on ice, from an enormous, silly cup.
The Year: ‘04, the same year Vinny led the Lighting to their first and glorious Stanley Cup victory.

Pinot Martinez

Thirsty Mag

The Wine: A complex Pinot Noir with a short swing and subtle aromas of Daryl Strawberries.
The Year: ‘00, the Subway Series.

Sangria Sharapova


The Wine:  A sweet nectar that insists on getting healthier and better with age—a favorite of the millennial brunch crowd.
The Year: ‘04, the Wimbledon Vintage.

Penny Chardonnay


The Wine: This light, crisp chard’ is a delectable product of a Floridian vineyard no longer in production. Pair it with Shaquille O’Neal.
The Year: Why, ‘95, of course.

Sherry Bird


The Wine: A sweet and legendary affair with a little bite and smooth body.
The Year: Any year of the ‘80s, really.

White Zinfandel Earnhardt

Charlotte Observer

The Wine: A semi-sweet, blush-style wine primed for the debauched infields of Talladega.
The Year: ‘01, Daytona rest his soul.

Gregg Châteauneuf-du-Pape-ovich

San Antonio Express

The Wine: This renowned French calling is genuinely undying and ageless. Pair it with a gentle beard and an esteemed franchise, and watch enviable success unfold.
The Year: ‘99, ‘03, ‘05, ‘07, ‘14

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