The Springs: A Greenpoint Bar With a Palm Springs in the '50s Sort of Vibe

Aperol Slushies and Shrimp Tacos in a Very Rainbow Backyard

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Have you ever just left work on a Friday afternoon and wished you could have a boozy slushie in a backyard by a pool in Palm Springs, and also have it be 1955?


You still can't do that, but you can head to The Springs: a new California-in-the-'50s-inspired outdoor bar in Greenpoint. 

Which is closer than you can get pretty much anywhere else.

Shrimp tacos! Eggplant rolatini sticks, to dunk generously in marinara sauce! Aperol slushies! Pitchers of aperol slushies! A fence painted rainbow! Ample seating areas! These are the elements of the place we deem worthy of exclamation points, together forming a real pleasant and unique summer-y vibe. 

And it's nice to look at, too, so let's throw this over to the slideshow.

The Springs, now open, 224 Franklin St (at Green St), 347-227-7114, see the menu and the slideshow

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