So You're Going to...the Kentucky Derby

Here's What to Wear to Stand Out

Michael Noble Jr./Getty Images

The Run for the Roses is upon us. Maybe you’ll be in Louisville, or maybe you’ll just be at a party where you’re supposed to dress like a Derby-goer. Either way, we’re going to forgo the usual seersucker route here without sacrificing light Southern gentleman quintessence.

Let’s begin...

The Hat: The Panama Pork Pie.

The Not-Quite-Seersucker Jacket: Sid Mashburn Kincaid No. 1.

The Cotton Shirt: Stantt Wrinkle-Resistant White Heart Dobby.

The Bold Trousers: Aspesi.

The Suspenders: Ralph Lauren Hand-Tooled Leather Braces.

The White Bucks: Neil Cambridge Oxford.

The What-the-Hell, Let's-Do-This Ascot: Forzieri.

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