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The Bacon Cryptocurrency You Never Knew You Never Needed

We're Feeling Bullish on This One

By Thompson Brandes ·
Oscar Mayer

Have you heard the good news? Current Bacoin value just skyrocketed up to three BCNS as recently as 11AM this morning—up three total BCNS from 7AM.

"Wow," you’re probably thinking. “Can we take a break from the fancy finance talk to get down to layman's terms, please?”

Understandable. And yes. Bacoin (pronounced Bay-Coin by most, Buh-Coin by rebels such as myself) is a new form of cryptocurrency that pays out in the gold standard of Oscar Mayer bacon strips, or BCNS. It requires zero dollars to invest, and each and every bacoin is fully redeemable for actual packs of bacon.

It seems only fitting that Oscar Mayer—a brand synonymous with crispy processed meat strips for over a century—is leading us into the future of pork consumption. But in case you need some extra convincing (as most do while learning up on digital currency), allow mediocre comedian and digital prophet Keith Sizzle to bring you home:

Thanks for that, Keith.

To invest and get to mining that sweet, salty, savory Bacoin, head over to

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