Make Believe: An Attractive New Option for Sky-Scraping Debauchery

The Latest Incarnation of Sixty LES's Rooftop Is Ready for You

By Ilana Dadras ·

Hello and happy Friday.

Rooftop lounge for alcohol-laden popsicles, David Byrne-approved tunes and a randomly impressive sake selection: incoming...

It's called Make Believe, and it's the latest incarnation of the rooftop space at Sixty LES, open right as you read these very words.

Everything you need to know about it's right here.

You've likely been here before: it used to be home to Tiki Tabu, and it's a variation on that same tropical vibe, with curved red booths, palm trees and glass walls lending themselves to natural light in the daytime and views of the surrounding streets at night. 

If you're in the area when the sun's still up, come by and sit outside—while they play tunes from David Byrne's world music label, you can sip something from the matcha bar. And if you want them to add alcohol to it at any point, they'll happily make that happen. Try the Matcha Julep (vodka, matcha, sake, mint, lemongrass) or the Bumble Buzz, if you can handle saying that to the bartender—that one's got mezcal, blackberry, chili honey and matcha. Nighttime it'll be a place to come by for some drinks and dancing: their programming will range from deep house to disco, and aside from matcha drinks, there's a surprisingly good sake selection, Asian-influenced cocktails like the Crazy 88 (gin, shiso leaf, lime, aloe), and pork shumai, edamame and/or shishito peppers if you need some sustenance. 

Here's what it looked like for their opening party, as well as what it looks like with no people at all. Some drinks in here, also.

Make Believe at SIXTY LES, now open, 190 Allen St (between E Houston and Stanton), see the slideshow

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