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Two Turntables MP3 Player

UrbanDaddy - Tonium Pacemaker You know how it is.

You're at a party, noshing on some guac, listening to "Single Ladies" for the umpteenth time. It's a great tune, but still: it's time to try something different.

Meet the Tonium Pacemaker, your chance to DJ more portably—and in much, much tinier spaces—than you ever have before.

Sure, you could show up with two massive turntables, a headset and a crate full of 45s. But bust out this pocket-size gadget instead, and…well, you'll kind of look like a geek. But that will be forgotten and forgiven the moment you start scratching Kanye with that obscure LCD Soundsystem b-side from oh-four.

It holds up to 60 gigs of music, and makes mixing and matching easy with the two "turntables" (actually touchpads) and handy features like auto beatmatch (which syncs two tunes together). Soon, you'll be creating all-new versions of your favorite songs—all with video game–like ease. Now all you have to do is think of a DJ name.

And start charging $200/hour.

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