A Pop-Up Immersive Museum Is Hosting This Earth Weekend Celebration

Visual Art, Live Music, Massage, Yoga, That Sort of Thing

By Ilana Dadras ·

This Saturday will mark the opening of MEFA—the Museum for Earth Friendly Arts—a space that seeks to create environmentally conscious immersive experiences to inspire positive change for the planet. It'll exist for a short while, before not-existing for a longer while, before re-emerging in 2019 in a more permanent Bushwick home alongside The Sonic Jungle.

But back to this weekend. All weekend long, MEFA will host multiple rooms full of music, visual art, film, guest speakers, workshops, yoga, massage, meditation sessions and more—with Saturday night's focus being a concert with a diverse line-up of electronic and live acts. It'll be a unique spot to swing by for good music and interesting programming—and profits from sales will be donated to Brooklyn Botanical and the Amazon Conservation Team, because of course they will.

Apr 21—22, $35—$1500, The Sonic Jungle, 510 Flatbush Ave (at Lefferts), tickets here

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