Boys Don't Cry: A Low-Key Craft Beer and Dumpling Spot in the Nom Wah Tu Space

...One That Accepts Bitcoin

By Ilana Dadras ·

In a move that we're not sure to classify as gimmicky or forward-thinking, this bar lets you pay for craft beers and Sichuan tofu bowls with cryptocurrency.

And it's from the Nom Wah team, so bitcoin or nah, we'll be adding it to our LES bar roster.

Say hello to Boys Don't Cry: an intimate new cocktail, craft beer and dumpling spot, now open on Orchard Street.

This space has been through a lot. It started as Fung Tu, a well-loved Chinese-American restaurant from chef Jonathan Wu. Then came Nom Wah Tu, a mash-up from chef Wu and chef Wilson Tang that never got properly off the ground. And now, after a quick couple of dark weeks, it's back as Tang's own: an intimate, low-key bar to come by with a friend for rose cider and scallion and fried onion-topped hot togs at some point on a downtown bar crawl.

Check it out in all its photographed glory, right here.

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