Alley Cat Amateur Theatre: Discreet Cocktailing Beneath The Beekman

Serge Becker (of The Box, Miss Lily's, La Esquina) Is Behind It

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

TGI (an absolutely goddamn beautiful) F. 

TG, also, that we've got a shiny new cocktail spot for you to hit this weekend. It's a discreet lounge tucked into The Beekman's cellar, and it's now open in FiDi.

You'll find it on a small, winding street aptly dubbed Theatre Alley—follow the blue neon cat and enter through an otherwise nondescript door. What you'll find down there is a once-hidden century-old mechanical room full of wild patterns and leather couches: a space with old world charm that feels somewhat like you're backstage at a show. It's a vibe that's somehow both welcoming and exclusive...a feat considering they're on a mission to make it decidedly low key: no velvet ropes, no pretentious doormen, no line outside (though don't quote us on that last claim).

So stop by after work or make it a pit stop on a night out: the late-night impresario behind The Box, La Esquina, and Miss Lily's is behind it, so you can expect quality DJs, the occasional intimate concert and a more-than-decent crowd. Come with someone you're into and have a couple of Green Toki Highballs (whiskey, sencha tea, lemongrass honey) or Spaghetti Easterns (gin, coconut, shishito). Pair them with some soy-braised short ribs or fried quail with pear chutney or anything else on the izakaya-inspired menu. Call it a night.

Some photos, now, and we will send you on your weekend-ing way.

Alley Cat Amateur Theatre, 10 Theatre Alley (at Beekman St), 212-461-4300, see the menu and the slideshow

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