Grünhaus: Beers and Brats in a Laid-Back LES Beer Hall

It's From the Spritzenhaus Guys

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

If you came here for anything other than thirty-plus beers, Belgian fries with an unholy amount of dipping sauces and a gentle breeze encircling you and your group, heralding in the season of al fresco dining, you're out of luck.

But if that is what you're looking for...

Then welcome to Grünhaus: a genuine beer hall from a team that knows a thing or two about beer halls, opening Tuesday on the LES. 

Much like its Williamsburg sister bar, Spritzenhaus, the venue is full of long communal wooden tables, greenery-wrapped rafters and garage-style windows that will be lifted open once the weather improves dramatically. The time will come. It will. 

And when it does, come by with ≈five friends and claim some bench. There'll be about 30 rotating beers on tap, including one whose description reads, "Made by friends. Better than Blue Moon" and another, "Possibly the sexiest beer we carry at Spritzenhaus." If beer's not your thing but you're here anyway for some reason, they've got Kentucky Mules (bourbon, lemon, ginger beer) and Aperol spritzes to keep you happy.

To nosh on, there are smoked garlic pork and beef sausages with chipotle ailoi, soft pretzels and Belgian frites to dip in maple-Sriracha and curry-chili ketchup and other sauces you didn't know you like but will henceforth desire each time you smell a Belgian fry. 

Now, some photos. We've placed some photos right here.

Grünhaus, opening Tuesday, 101 Rivington St (at Ludlow), see the menu and the slideshow

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