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These Easter Chocolates Are Really Extra

The Kind With Booze and Candy Fish Inside

By Hadley Tomicki ·

Among other things, Easter is synonymous with chocolate. It's why we look forward to the annual springtime table set with pastels and intermittently tolerable family members. All so we can get to the sweet final act, where milk chocolate bunnies and eggs meet their ravishing. 

In an effort to bolster your holiday traditions, here we've rounded up some of the most unique and visually impressive Easter chocolate to obtain for Sunday or simply to stare at on your screen.

These little guys are called Peep-a-Boos. They’re honey-marshmallow chicks stuffed inside of real eggshells with dark chocolate and salted caramel by Dominique Ansel's crew at his NYC, London and LA stores. You can pick some up through April 1st for your peeps. Ahahaahaaaa. $30 for a box of 6, Dominique Ansel Bakery

And this is the “Huevocado,” essentially a chocolate avocado stuffed with miniature white chocolate egg truffles. Available only at Ansel’s LA location. $22, Dominique Ansel LA

Here you see Valerie Confections' “cracked eggs,” made from white chocolate with dehydrated raspberry and rose petals in a tiny carton. They’re probably too pretty to eat. Nonetheless... $18, Valerie Confections

Friday marks the start of Passover. Which is convenient. Because Compartes Chocolatier has been shellacking Israeli-imported matzoh with its luxury dark chocolate. So the timing is perfect. $39.95, Compartes Chocolatier

Entertaining this year? Consider deploying this collection from France’s Z Chocolat as your centerpiece. It’s an engraved mahogany box bearing a golden egg and bunny, filled with 52 pralines and 24 solid chocolates. Dessert-anticipation could get intense. $225, Z Chocolat

Europe is the land of boozy Easter eggs with scotch, amaretto and champagne routinely filling its chocolate ovum. One of the heavyweights of the game is Prestat, which crafts gin-and-tonic Easter Eggs, as well as these bubbly eggs with a prosecco-infused, milk chocolate shell, fizzy-candy pink lining and an assortment of truffles filled with pink, Prosecco-infused, dark chocolate ganache. $26, Chelsea Market Basket

Germany is a prime example. There the need for boozy chocolate is so great, they sell amaretto-infused chocolate eggs by the bag. $7.50, Vermont Country Store

La Maison du Chocolat is swearing off chicks. And bunnies. Instead it’s filling large chocolate eggs with milk chocolates shaped like catfish, goldfish, sawfish and clownfish with praline eggs. Given enough time, fish will take this holiday back. $78, La Masion du Chocolat

And should you be in Beverly Hills this week, BLVD at the legendary Beverly Wilshire hotel is offering four rubber-ducky-inspired chocolate figures wearing things like bunny ears and heart-emoji eyes, filled with amaretto almonds and truffles. $90 each, pick-up at BLVD at Beverly Wilshire

And these are chocolate pints of Guinness. What do they have to do with Easter? Very little. But we missed them on St. Patrick’s Day and they’re chocolate pints of Guinness. So what would you do? $8.99, Candy Crate

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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