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An Enormous Lollipop That's an Eerily Detailed Version of Your Face

Finally, a Delicious Face to Suck

By Thompson Brandes ·
Face Licker

There’s really no other way around this one so let’s just get right to it: Face Licker wants to make you a giant-ass lollipop that looks exactly like your face (or anyone’s face for that matter), elevating both your gag gift game and the phrase “sucking face” overnight.

Face Licker

These sweet, delicious works of food art are life-size, 100 percent bespoke and made entirely from scratch. So each individual lollipop is unique and one-of-a-kind—just like you and your actual face. All you have to do is submit a picture and brief description of the person you’d like to candify, and Face Licker’s sugar smiths will hook you up in 5-7 days time. You can create an edible version of yourself today over on Firebox, with very lollipop available as vegan friendly and in a natural tutti frutti flavor.

Thompson Brandes

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