Doc B's Fresh Kitchen

Seven Day's Worth of New Happy Hour on the Miracle Mile

And Steaks. It's Also Got Big, Magical Steaks.

By Ginger Harris ·
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Happy hour on Miracle Mile is practically a religion.

Or perhaps something you generally just do religiously.

Either way, there's a new place to eat and drink things on said street with, you guessed it, a pretty damn good seven-days-a-week happy hour. It's called Doc B's Fresh Kitchen, it's open now, and this is its slideshow.

You'll want to bring a few people to this one after work. Upon walking in, the front-and-center bar is where you guys will end up first. It's got 30 strawberry-red leather stools beckoning you to sit a spell for a round of Beet Lejuices with gin, beet juice, mint and lemon over crushed ice. It's beet juice, you'll say. It's healthy, you'll lie.

And then you'll turn your attention to the 900-degree broiler cooking steaks to perfection for when bar snacks like candied bacon call for something more substantial.

Perhaps a two-pound, miso-glazed lobster. Perhaps a steak that you customized by choosing your cut, your house-made seasoning and your topping like jumbo lump citrus crab.

And lo, the power of suggestion leads you down the path of enlightenment.

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