Steve McQueen’s Iconic Persol Sunglasses Are Up for Auction

The King of Cool Rocked the Hell Out These 714s

By Thompson Brandes ·
The Mirisch Corporation

We've long been banging the drum of Steve McQueen fatigue in the menswear community. But one thing about the guy can't be denied; he absolutely wore the Persol 714 better than anyone else, ever. He wore Persols before your father knew they existed, making them famous in 1968's The Thomas Crown Affair. So when we tell you that an original, personally owned pair of 714s from McQueen himself are currently up for bidding at GWS auctions, you understand it's a matter of great sartorial significance.

The iconic shades come in the classic black, foldable frame with brown lenses, and are being auctioned off by the estate of Dennis Roberts (this is the first time they've been up for auction). And what’s best, you have definitive proof that these beauties A) are as devastating as you remember, and B) were worn by McQueen (check the dashing slideshow).

The glasses come with the original case and a letter of authenticity, with bidding starting at $500. Though expect that number to increase—a different pair of McQueen’s shades sold for over $70,000 back in 2006.

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