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It's an Always Sunny Pop-Up Bar for St. Paddy's Day

Complete with Charlie's Fight Milk, Rum Ham and Vodka IV Bags

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: FX

No show on television deserves the pop-up bar treatment more than Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a series that takes place mostly in and around a bar called Paddy's Pub. And no occasion could be more appropriate to open said pop-up than St. Patrick's Day. Because, you know: "Paddy's."

Responsible for this feat of magical thinking are the folks behind Replay Lincoln Park, a popular bar on the north side of Chicago. While half of its space is essentially a beercade, the owners have taken to using a sizable area in the back for various pop-ups (last month, they paid homage to the show Ren & Stimpy). According to a rep for the bar, the Always Sunny pop-up, which runs from this Friday through St. Patrick's Day, on Saturday, the 17th, will feature an entrance modeled after Paddy's Pub, as well as an interactive sign for people to create their own Always Sunny-appropriate episode title—i.e. "The Gang Opens a Pop-Up Bar in Chicago," etc, etc. 

The bar also promises a very in-joke-y Always Sunny-themed cocktail list, featuring a double vodka-pink lemonade, served in a souvenir IV bag (dubbed "The 'Chardee Mac Dennis' IV Bag"); an aged Jamaican rum-and-BBQ bitters concoction with a ham-and-pineapple garnish (called, naturally, The Rum Ham); rum punch served in a 64oz milk jug; a real-life iteration of Charlie's Fight Milk, the first alcoholic, dairy-based protein drink for bodyguards; and, of course, wine in a can. So, yeah: you could say they're going all out.

And you should, too—to an extent. Don't actually mainline booze. Or, like, "frame bang" women, or pretend to be a jihadist

Check out a few pics of the cocktails below...

The Chardee Mac Dennis IV Bag
Riot Punch
The Rum Ham
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