Brooklyn Kura: Say Hello to NYC's Very First Sake Brewery

House-Brewed Sake in a Sleek, Minimalist Corner of Industry City

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Ladies and gentlemen, sake lovers and those open to becoming sake lovers, residents of Sunset Park, people who frequent tap rooms, we'll stop there...

Today, we have for you a little something called Brooklyn Kura: New York City's first craft sake brewery and tap room, now open.

You'll find it in the heart of Industry City—a growing community of restaurants, retailers, a distillery, a museum pop-up and more. If you haven't made the trek lately, this, here, is one solid reason to do so. The 2500-square-foot space looks like what you'd think a room dedicated to high-end American craft sake would look like: bright, sleek and minimal, with a bit of abstract art and blonde wood rounding out the room. 

Post up at the bar and gaze at the tanks producing moromi (sake mash, for the uncultured among us) while sipping the latest batch on offer. If you're into sakes that are light-bodied and floral, you're in luck. If you're into a warm, cloudy and textured sake, also in luck. Go confidently in the direction of your choice, knowing that the local charcuterie will pair with any and everything. Supposedly, it's a whole new world of respecting the Japanese sake brewing traditions while incorporating unique American ingredients (namely, American-grown rice and Brooklyn water) for a subtle, yet complex result.

All right, that's enough haughty sakespeak. Let's move on to some photos of the joint, its sake and its cheese

Brooklyn Kura, now open, 68 34th St (between 2nd and 3rd), Brooklyn, 347-766-1601, see the menu and the slideshow

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