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A Major Taco Party with a Secret Omakase on the Side

Just Two Things To Expect from Wynwood's Taco Stand

By Ginger Harris ·
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We've got the beach. We've got the sun. 

And now, finally, we've got the fish tacos.

At the Taco Stand, a San Diego import overseeing a multiverse of tacos, asada fries and churros, opening Saturday in Wynwood.

Beeline to this long-anticipated spot with a crew craving proteins encased in housemade tortillas. You'll note its overall Baja-meets-Wynwood feel, with hand-painted menu boards on corrugated aluminum and a stunning lady wrestler mural vibing together. Plus a green, white and red color palette and telenovelas playing on hand-painted TVs.

Now shift your attention back to the menu. You'll find it rich with tacos, including Baja's battered fish variety, asada with flame-grilled Angus and one with grilled cactus. Just make sure somebody gets the Mar y Tierra fries with grilled shrimp and Angus steak on cheese-and-guacamole-slathered French fries. Then it's churros for dessert. Obviously.

You'll probably have a beer with this meal. And you may also note the existence of a secret sushi omakase restaurant called Hiden, from a noteworthy Japanese-Brazilian chef, tucked inside this same space.

We're terrible at keeping sushi secrets.

Ginger Harris

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The Taco Stand
313 NW 25th St,
Miami , FL, 33127


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