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Brickell City Centre's Epic Food Hall, La Centrale, Is Here

Oh, the Italian Things You'll Eat

By Ginger Harris ·
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"If only there was a gigantic, three-story food hall built specifically so that I might revel in all the Italian delights that my mind and appetite could possibly dream up."

You often find yourself saying that. Even if you don't, you do. Just do.

Because you knew that one day, La Centrale would exist. Rejoice, for that day is today. Because the first floor of Brickell City Centre's epic new Italian food hall is now open, and the second and third levels are slated to open on Tuesday. Take a long, hard look around.

You'll pop in here during one of those running-around excursions one sunny afternoon. And then again with a date once the five second-floor restaurants and third-floor wine lounge opens.   

But for now, do your bidding at Mercato on the first floor. Its wafting scents of oven-fresh pizzas, brewing coffees and baking pastries will attempt to lure you in. It will behoove you to let them.  

You'll notice the clean design and artistic tiles colored by shelves of groceries waiting for you to whip them into something grand back home. If you have time, take a seat at Pizza e Pasta and let the tricolore pizza with prosciutto and ricotta-stuffed crust have its way with you.

Or perhaps a stop at Caffe, the other seated restaurant, will yield an acceptable sandwich from the all-day breakfast menu.

If you're in a rush, head straight to the grab-and-go counters for a macchiato and a mortadella panini. Denoted by their Italian names, there are also counters for pastries, pizzas, salads, charcuterie and cheeses and hot meals to go.

Then again, you could always just open their app and preorder some lasagna and a kale tonic.

 AKA, the Italian power lunch.

Ginger Harris

On a typical Wednesday, Ginger Harris is likely seeking reposado tequila, squeezing her way to the front of a concert or jumping on the back of an Indian motorcycle. That’s just Wednesdays, though.


La Centrale
at Brickell City Centre
701 S Miami Ave
Miami , FL, 33131


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