There's a Lot Going On at the New Indoors at Nowadays

Listen to Vinyl in a Blanket Fort, Take a Stranger Things Class, Dance With Wild Abandon...

By Ilana Dadras ·
Indoors at Nowadays

Why yes, you have been here before.

We hope so, at least—for your sake. 

But the space that's best-known for hosting the dance parties Mister Sunday and Mister Saturday Night has just (officially) opened Indoors at Nowadays: the cavernous converted warehouse-bar next door with a hell of a lot going on inside of it. It's open now on the Ridgewood/Bushwick border. 

We know. But here's why you're going to make the trek...

—First and foremost, the sound. There's a killer sound system blasting over the wooden dance floor, where the DJ and disco ball will live, and then a smaller tube-amp system elsewhere in the space designed to imitate the intimate feel of Japanese listening bars in Tokyo. Check out the space right here.

—When hunger strikes, you've got Chef Henry Rich to take care of you—an alum of Fort Greene date spot Metta, here doing things like fried chicken-cucumber sandwiches and Lebanese-inspired bowls with ground lamb and golden beets.

—Every Sunday, they'll be hosting an event called Planetarium, where you'll bring pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, whatever you need to get comfy, and then lounge on the floor and get lost in the sounds for 5-ish hours. Now you see the importance of that sound system. The first iteration of this unique event is going down January 28th (tickets on sale now), and the theme—get this—is the music and recordings on the golden records NASA sent into space in 1977. Greetings in 55 languages, whale songs, engines, Stravinsky—everything we might want aliens on some distant planet to hear in a billion years.

—You'll find games like Settlers of Catan behind the bar. Just in case you're a big Settlers of Catan guy.

—They'll be hosting lectures in the space, and the first one's a 90-minute class (with a beer break, naturally) wherein you and an American history scholar will look at the Cold War ideology and politics that permeate Stranger Things. We'll see you there.

Ilana Dadras

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