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Two Pieces of Modern Technology To Help You Get Loaded in the Woods

Don’t Flee Civilization Without This Growler and Flask

By Hadley Tomicki ·

Ultimately, hiking should have an rewarding aim. Like summiting a peak. Or finding nirvana under a live oak tree or slowing down to the speed of life or fucking under some waterfall. Or sure, even getting drunk in front of a really great view.

Addressing this last noble pursuit come two new products intended for the easy conveyance of liquor into the wilderness.

First up is TrailKeg, a vacuum-insulated, CO2-pressurized growler that looks at the other growlers out there and says, “bitch, please.” Because ordinary growlers are essentially just giant beer bottles. And once you open those shits, the beer begins losing its carbonation, temperature and flavor rather quickly. Not to mention how easily one can break rolling around in your backpack or trunk.

TrailKeg isn't with that. Made of stainless steel, it claims to be nearly indestructible. The vacuum insulation and CO2 ensure that your beer will stay cold for 24 hours and carbonated for weeks, making it ideal for a weekend of camping or one really long birthday barbecue that ends with everyone crying and singing your uncle’s favorite ranchera song at 4 in the morning.

So go ahead and get a TrailKeg filled up at a local brewery yet to be purchased by Ab InBev, pick a spot on the map and head out, all the while hoping this technology eventually makes it to the 40-ounce. Until then, TrailKeg can be your’s in various sizes from $69-$135 and does require back-up CO2.

But maybe beer’s not your thing. But camping or hiking is. Then you’re going to want the FireLight Flask, which just met its funding goals and is available for $89 on KickStarter.

This is a very good looking, stainless steel oblong that sort of looks like a cocktail shaker. On both ends are cups that can be removed, for a civilized sip of whatever is kept in the central 750-ml chamber. So basically, it’s a great-looking, easily-packed flask with 24-hour temperature control and built-in tumblers intended for your spirits, mixed drinks and wine.

All so you can pause at a scenic acme of some sort, pour a drink for you and a date and toast to the decline of the Western empire from aloft like a living Viagra ad. We'll drink to that.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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