Ghee Indian Kitchen

Chef Niven Patel Brings His Ghee Indian Kitchen to the Design District

It's Not Just in Dadeland Anymore

By Ginger Harris ·
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Spring 2017: Ghee Indian Kitchen, from the chef at Michael's Genuine Food and Drink, opens in Dadeland. Your quest for modern Indian deliciousness is quashed by the dreadful reality of standstill traffic both ways.

Fall 2017: The arrival of chef Niven Patel's Ghee Indian Kitchen in the Design District... well, let's just say it helps.

It's open now, here's the slideshow, and this seems like the right place to mention that it delivers, too.

You and a date will head to the former Cypress Room spot, make your grand entrance, and immediately notice the open kitchen. And the massive spice wall that's as functional as it is eye-catching. And the bar, where you'll slide into two of the eight seats and order a round of Indian Summers with sake, pineapple shrub, rosemary and citrus.

Eventually, it would behoove you to backtrack to one of the outdoor tables with bright yellow chairs. You'll have the Green Millet with cilantro, yogurt and sev, while your date tries the Pani Puri's sprouted moong, beets and green juice. The two of you will decide that life is grand. The evening will progress and you'll share a sticky date cake, laugh and talk about anything other than traffic.

Say, sticky date cakes.

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