Roberta's Pop-Up

Roberta's Brings Brooklyn Pizza to the Design District

Beer and Pie in an Urban Jungle Oasis

By Ginger Harris ·
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The fresh tomato. 

The melty mozzarella mixed with dry salami. 

The heat of chili flakes. 

The sweetness of honey.

If only famed Brooklyn pizzeria Roberta's Bee Sting pie existed in Miami. If only Roberta's itself was a pop-up in the Design District that's now open through April. If only it had its own slideshow.

Alright, enough of that. Yeah, it's here, and it's just magical.

You and your group will head to Jungle Plaza, aptly named for the overwhelmingly large tropical jungle mural that grabs your attention immediately upon arrival. You'll spy two kitschy, graffiti-covered shipping containers turned makeshift pizza dispensary. Alongside it, a blue, mobile, wood-fired pizza oven. It's all so intoxicating.

Scan the menu board and opt for something like the Famous Original with caciocavallo cheese, oregano and chili flakes. Or perhaps the White Guy with ricotta, garlic and mozzarella. But no, it's the sting of the bee that brought you here. Order it along with a nice, cold beer.

Circular deliciousness in hand (they don't do slices, but you can get a small if you're so inclined), make your way to an umbrella-having picnic table and settle in. Enjoy the fresh air. The lush art surrounding you. The pie before you.

More of the pie before you.

Ginger Harris

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Roberta's Pop-Up
Jungle Plaza at the Design District
NE 38th St (between NE 2nd Ave and NE 1st Ave)
Miami, FL, 33137


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