The Most Epic Halloween Options in New York, Part II

All the Mansion Parties, Themed Balls and 24-Hour Raves Worthy of Your Consideration

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Erica Camille

New York City: arguably the best city to find yourself come Halloween weekend.

And the following parties: arguably the best events in town, if you wanted to have an argument. 

Now, a few weeks back, we brought you the very first impressive parties to hit our radar: including a BDSM menagerie, Burning Man camp-backed rager and themed mansion event on the outskirts of the city. We've since gotten some new intel, and updated said story with discount codes, updated locations, ticket links to the sold out inclusions and a newly announced host (cough, it's Dita Von Teese, cough). So if any of that's of interest, let's take a stroll through this rager-laden memory lane.

And below, nine Halloween festivities to consider. You've got a lot of option-weighing to do, so let's get on with it...

You Require: Interactive art installations, magicians, secret nooks for secret revelry, seductresses, music by Chaim, Monolink, YokoO and more.
You'll Receive:
Brooklyn's beloved Caravan Gitane's party, themed "Move All Hell," taking over a private space in the Williamsburg Hotel. 
Oct 27, 10pm-6am, $80, Move All Hell, Williamsburg Hotel, 96 Wythe Ave (between N 10th and N 11th), tickets here

You Require: An eerily familiar 72-room gothic mansion, transformed into a landscape of music and avant-garde for a unique themed ball.
You'll Receive: Matte Project's Blind Man's Ball, with sounds by Dave Harrington and The Deep and an immersive performance drawing you deeply into a strange, strange new world. One where everyone's sexy and you're in an amazing piece of New York real estate. 
411: Oct 27, 9pm-4am, $99, The Blind Man's Ball, The Manor, secret location on the edge of NYC, tickets here

You Require: A "Book of the Dead"-themed rave only accessible by ferry. We're not sure why you require that, but you do. 
You'll Receive: Lee Burridge, Behrouz, Guy Gerber and Goldcap performing at an Egyptian afterlife-themed party with over 40 ritualistic performances and a secret waterbound location. Babel's behind it. 
411: Oct 27, 11pm-7am, $95 & $20 ferry, Book of the Dead, secret Brooklyn location, tickets here

You Require: Plenty of solid music in a location you've passed many fun a night in before.
You'll Receive:
The indoor space at the Brooklyn Mirage will have two stages going for two days straight. The second night's our choice, with top-notch house a la Andhim, Adriatique and more.
 Oct 28, 9pm-4:30am, $50-$60, The Cityfox Experience, Avant Gardner, 140 Stewart Ave (at Meserole), tickets here

You Require: Somewhere to go on Sunday for rave-slash-recovery time.
You'll Receive:
City of Gods' is continuing into Sunday night, where the playa vibes continue with music from your favorite Burning Man camps all day, yoga, sound-healing and brunch. If you snagged a Saturday ticket, you're good to stay throughout. If you slept on it, grab a Sunday ticket below.
411: Oct 29, 6am-9pm, $40-$50, City of Gods Sunrise & Daytime, Paper Factory Hotel, 37-08 34th St (at 37th Ave), Queens, tickets here

You Require: A second chance at a You Are So Lucky ticket (Saturday's event at the mansion of the hour, with fire-heated hot tubs and an immersive experience across dozens of rooms, gardens and grounds).
You'll Receive:
The link below, enter URBANDADDY to release your ticket. 
 Oct 28, 9pm-4am, $250, The Manor, secret location on the edge of NYC, tickets here

And if you've got it in you, a few weekday-appropriate happenings on the 31st itself...

You Require: A lower-key party to go to on actual Halloween. But, you know, not too low-key.
You'll Receive:
An evening at Sunday in Brooklyn, where their weekday event will feature mandatory costumes, tarot readers, a dangerous punch, sword-swallowing and passed bites for those of us that consume actual food.  
Oct 31, 8pm, $45, Sunday in Brooklyn, 348 Wythe Ave (at S 2nd), reservations here

You Require: A '70s-themed bar and lounge with costumes, live music and themed cocktails.
You'll Receive:
The VNYL's Halloween party. They'll have a band called Spells & Curses providing the music, and cocktails like Black Sclera (an alcoholic activated charcoal and beet juice situation).
Oct 31, 8pm, The VNYL, 100 3rd Ave (at 13th St), reservations here

You Require: Magicians, burlesque and sword swallowing... with a view.
You'll Receive:
Westlight's second annual Halloween freak show, with all of the above and more. Don't forget a costume.
Oct 31, 7pm-2am, $31-$320, Westlight, 111 N 12th St (between Berry and Wythe), tickets here

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