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Velvet Creme Is Back on Eighth Street

Yes, After a 17-year Hiatus, Miami's Most Famous Doughnuts Have Returned

By Ginger Harris ·
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1947: A little doughnut shop called Velvet Creme opens in Little Havana. Everybody freaks out.

2000: After a wildly successful and long run, the original owner passes away along with the brand. A doughnut-shaped hole is left in Miami's heart.

2008: A distant family member revives the brand with a Velvet Creme truck. Nostalgia ensues.

Right Damn Now: Velvet Creme reopens on the same street where its iconic shop originally opened. And here she is now in pictures.

Walking in, you'll feel a nod to the original shop. It starts with the 70-year-old logo, while the '50s-style diner's round red countertops and barstools harken back to the establishment your grandparents once frequented. Black-and-white photos from the good old days adorn the walls. The bold letters spelling out "doughnuts" are a nice touch, too.

Speaking of those, they're just as good now as they were then. Opt for a traditional glaze as a fresh batch comes out and enjoy it hot. Then opt for a glazed with chocolate icing. And a powdered. Really get in there. This is history you're eating.

Oh, and the place stays open until 1am on Saturdays.

Please, do not underestimate the significance of late-night doughnuts.

Ginger Harris

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Velvet Creme
1555 SW 8th St
Miami, FL, 33135


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