Triple Threat Alert: Funny People, Frozen G&Ts and Baja Tacos

An Upper West Side Gem of a Comedy Club

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Been a while since we talked about places to catch good comedy while indulging your cravings for loaded tot-nachos and alcohol-laden frozen drinks.

In fact, not sure we've ever talked about such a place.

Allow us to make amends with West Side Comedy Club, the first comedy club opening we've seen in quite some time, now open on the (wait for it...) Upper West Side.

You'll find it right around the corner from the Beacon Theater. Head inside. Then make your way through Stage Door A, march right on downstairs into the low-key 100-seat retro-looking theater, and settle in for the night's show. If you couldn't tell by the fact that you just entered through beach-y taco spot Playa Betty's, this is from the same team and they'll be in charge of feeding you.

Here, that translates to chips and chorizo-laden queso, heaping bowls of guacamole, sweet and spicy wings, Baja fish tacos... the type of food one wants to share with friends over frozen gin and tonics when enjoying whatever show you're in for that night. The guys behind this spot have worked at a couple of the city's most iconic comedy spots (Carolines on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club) so we trust they'll have a knack for booking some strong talent. 

Already on the calendar: names from Comedy Central Presents and Inside Amy Schumer, an all-female show every Monday called "The Betty" and up-and-coming talent featured every Tuesday. Check their calendar before heading up, and get into this slideshow before doing anything else today.

We'll stop telling you what to do now.

Ilana Dadras

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