Introducing the Limited-Edition TUMI x Russell Westbrook Collection

The Reigning MVP's Got a Brand New Bag. Several Brand New Bags, Actually.

By Sam Eichner ·

Just the other week, we brought you tidings of Chris Paul’s collaborative effort with the dapper bag-makers over at Hook & Albert. Now, we’re letting you know about 2017 NBA (and NBA style) MVP Russell Westbrook’s limited-edition line of highly durable luggage, satchels and travel kits over at TUMI. Needless to say, there’s a fierce rivalry going on between fashionable Western Conference point guards who really love bags.

To be fair, Westbrook’s collection, which launched today, is quite different from Paul’s. For one thing, every piece in it is very red. For another, you’ll probably want to purchase this when you have some more serious travel in mind, given the bags are crafted from high-performance ballistic nylon. So, yeah. These bad boys are not tearing.

Which of the six pieces you’ll want first will depend on the trip you’re taking. If you’re looking to, say, backpack through Vietnam, maybe go with the Warren Backpack, with webbed compression straps. If you’re planning a luxurious beach vacation, try the International Expandable Carry-On (it’s pretty much what it sounds like). And if you’re just going to work, there’s always the Smith Jetsetter, a handy travel accessory that just might double as your new casual briefcase.  

The options really are endless. (By which we mean, limited to six.)

Sam Eichner

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