A Nautical-Themed Date Spot for Oysters, Vodka and Ecstatic Dates

It's Called Stiltsville Fish Bar and It's From Jeff McInnis

By Ginger Harris ·
Photo: Adorned Photography (top); Janine Booth (main)

Sunset Harbor is the blossoming neighborhood where every visits yields a, "Hey, when did they open that?"

And yet, for years, we've been left wondering what's up with the old Joe Allen, nay, PB Steak space.

Today, we're happy to report that Stiltsville Fish Bar is what's up with it. Yes, the highly anticipated boîte from the chef behind Yardbird has finally opened its Key West-inspired doors, and here's what that looks like.

Black-and-white photos of the famous homes atop stilts adorn the walls, highlighting the name of the place. And like that Stiltsville, this, too, is Florida strong. 

For starters, there's the nautical theme, which neither you nor your date will be able to miss. It begins with the palette of seafoam greens and oceany blues and rounds out with shell chandeliers casting an amber glow.

Making your way to the bar for something tropical, you'll spy swordfish bill beer taps as you order a Sunny's Strawberry Sunset with vodka, lime and fresh strawberries. Drink in hand, proceed to the outdoor lounge for a little open-air ambiance.

Like the space itself, the menu brims with Sunshine State-y things. Like oysters. And snacks like the Cobia Tiradito with avocado, crispy hominy and popped corn. But eventually, you'll need something more substantial. Shrimp and grits, perhaps. Maybe a slice of coconut key lime pie.

Hey, substance is substance.

Ginger Harris

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