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These Home Kits Will Have You Making Your Own Edibles

Prepare Your Best “Baked” Jokes Now

By Hadley Tomicki ·
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Entrepreneurs wading into the iffily legitimate weed market have to toe a careful line. Take these new baking kits for making your own cannabis-infused edibles. The website is almost offensively innocuous, bearing a sanitized color scheme reminiscent of Blue Apron and making references to “herbal treats.”

But make no mistake about it, the Baking Supply Co wants to get you high. Its plan is to send you pre-batched, refrigerated kits that will have you whipping up sweet cannabis-infused edibles at home. The benefit being that you won’t have to interact with the mutants at your nearest dispensary.

No. Actually, it’s to promote better health. Instead of sitting around munching THC-laced gummy worms and slugging down sensimilla sodas all day, Baking Supply Co is all about using natural, farm-direct fruits, grains and vegetables. The monthly recipe they include with each kit is always free of refined sugar and, because some people do eat baked goods without gluten these days, also gluten-free.

The company is currently raking in the dough for a November delivery on IndieGoGo. Current recipes available include salted chocolate oat cookies, coconut cupcakes with matcha frosting and blackberry jam cake. And because they are kits, they’re all meant to be easy for non-bakers to use.

The company sends you the monthly recipe, along with most of the portioned ingredients you’ll need, plus comprehensive steps behind infusing the butter for your dessert and properly storing everything.

Oh right, we did say “most of the ingredients” back there. That’s because they don’t actually send you the cannabis itself. You’ll need to go out and find your own weed to cook with. At least for the foreseeable, Jeff Sessions-lead future.

Hadley Tomicki

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