Bocas House Alights on Coral Gables

Gargantuan Shakes and Oversized Steaks Await

By Ginger Harris ·
Photo: Adorned Photography

Of course, you remember Coral Gables before it became a milkshake Mecca.

Back when the steaks were small enough for humans to lift and the Nutella shakes didn't threaten to crush buildings.

Those days are done now that Bocas House's newest outpost is now open on Aragan Avenue.

To put it in scientific terms, the portions at this place are hella big. So bring a ravenous band of friends to this Venezuelan-Peruvian spot next time someone says they're hungry enough to eat a barnyard animal. Because they could get pretty close.

But first you'll need a drink in this abode of milkshake pop art-covered brick walls with exposed copper innards. Like the Bocas Bull, which marries Venezuelan beer with rum.

Take that to the front patio, where you'll peruse menu items of unusual size. There's the tomahawk: up to 52-ounces of bone-in steak with peppers, chorizo and, naturally, blood sausages. Or opt for the ceviche sampler, if you plan to live your life after dinner.

As for making room for the Almighty Golden Milkshake, a Coral Gables exclusive with a hazelnut rim, Nutella brownie topping, golden chocolate-filled Nutella brigadeiro, gold dust and raspberries...

It's sort of obligatory.

Since they went through all that trouble.

Ginger Harris

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