The Best Places for McGregor-Mayweather in NYC

On the Terrace, On the Water, In the Sports Bar. These Are All Options.

By Ilana Dadras ·
5fd0101a4c20c3567bd0bb2822e17fc57 PhotosYour 7 Best Viewing Options for the McGregor-Mayweather Fight
For our second event of great national interest this week, clocking in just slightly behind that whole sun-moon ordeal, Floyd Mayweather will likely beat the crap out of one Conor McGregor. But you knew that already.

What you might not know are the 7 best places for you to post up with friends, endless pints and maybe some oysters while watching it all go down. We do, though. And we put them right here...

Ilana Dadras cannot discern between situations in which sarcasm is and is not appropriate. Her favorite things include mezcal cocktails, Big Sur and writing about herself in the third person.

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