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Soon, You'll Have Your Very Own Johnnie Walker Blend

You Work In Whisky Now

By Hadley Tomicki ·
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Johnnie Walker's portfolio is the stuff of Scotch legend. Now you're about to go and mess up their formula. Yes, you. As in you.

The brand is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for an online tool it plans to release towards the end of the year. Blandly called "the blend tool," it allows you to not only design a personalized label, bottle and packaging, but to also create your own whisky to go inside of it.

See, the Johnnie Walker people have access to a lot of Scottish hooch. Islays, Speysides... the rest of them. To make your very own blend of these spirits, you'll go online and select the kinds of flavors you love, be they peaty, fruity or one of the plentiful options in between. After that, you'll design a label, bottle and packaging. Then they'll take your madcapped genius and turn it into a good-looking and drinkable collection.

Rewarding your hard slog behind the computer, the Walkers will then start sending you Scotch in your personalized bottles. Up to six bottles over the year. Getting in on the funding today gives you first access to the tool. It is currently 23% funded.

Why Diageo, which has a net worth of something like $73.8 BILLION dollars needs funding money may always remain a mystery. We get the feeling they just liked this idea too much to keep it a secret until the technology was ready.
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