Vans and Dickies Will Now Be Housed Under the Same Roof

Come, Let Us Celebrate the Marriage of Two Great American Brands

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: Dan Roberts for GQ

Vans and Dickies, Dickies and Vans. They’re basically the PB&J of modern street style, two timeless American standards bound together by something akin to sartorial necessity. And now, as Business Insider has reported, VF—Vans’ parent company—has acquired Williamson-Dickie, bringing both beloved brands under one roof.

What this portends for the future of Dickies and Vans are unknown, but it seems fitting that they’ve been institutionally merged, given the ubiquity of the pairing on the streets of any major American city. One has to wonder, though: is it antithetical to the blue-collar ethos of those wearing Dickies and Vans to wear Dickes and Vans when they’ve been gobbled up by the same giant corporation? Or does that not matter?

We hope it’s the latter. Long live Vickies. Or Dans. Or VanDickies. That last one’s got a weirdly nice ring to it.

Sam Eichner

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