Lutum Will Soon Ply You With Pear-Forward Whiskey and Falafel Scotch Eggs

Something New in the Old Burger & Beer Joint Space

By Ginger Harris ·
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You: "I'd like some tequila-adjacent shrimp cavatelli, please."

This Place: "Got you."

That was a dramatic reenactment between you and Lutum, the latter playing the role of "This Place" and being a new haven of Florida-grown deliciousness brought to you by the fine people from El Grito next door. The former being you. It opens tomorrow in Sunset Harbour, and here's what it looks like.

As you and your date enter, you'll notice brick columns and plants hanging from the wood panel ceiling. Everything's all earthy and whatnot. Fitting, considering its Latin name translates to "dirt" or "soil."

The bar—handmade by a local carpenter, of course—will also catch your eye. Partly because it's a bar, but mostly because that's where they keep the Pear Smashes with whiskey, homemade pear and cardamom shrub. They tend to keep other liquids stocked there as well.

As far as the menu goes, you'll find things like that seafood cavatelli with shrimp, mussels and saffron-seasoned clams courtesy of the chef behind Cena. But don't feel bad if you just end up going with the Scotch egg, which happens to be encased in falafel mix.

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