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The Streets of Española Way Just Got a Lot More Pizza-Forward

Now Seems Like a Good Time to Try Hemp Dough

By Ginger Harris ·
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All this time, our fair city has been completely devoid of a Little Italy District.

Then Española Way received that Italian market-inspired restaurant we told you about last week.

Then La Leggenda Pizzeria happened.

The latter is now open with many a Napoli-inspired pie from the chef behind Ironside Pizza. He’s a third generation pie maker with the fancy title of Pizza World Champion, and here’s what the fruit of his labor looks like.

If you’ve ever wondered what pizza with that type of pedigree tastes like, find a date and get to the cobblestoned street immediately. The first thing you’ll see is a wood-burning oven resembling Mount Vesuvius. Yes, the tiles above it were meant to look like plumes of smoke.

Grab a pair of brown leather seats at one of the dining room tables. Order a Birra Viola beer since it’s nearly impossible to find elsewhere in Miami. Then, pair it with the tartufo pizza’s quail eggs, burrata and black truffle shavings. Ask for it on hemp dough. For the fibers, proteins and vitamin E, of course.

It won’t leave you with the munchies, but hearing about the pistachio pizza’s bufala mozzarella, pistachio cream and pistachio crumble will.

Unless you get that, too. Which, maybe get that, too.
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