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They’re for You Are So Lucky, a Party Collab Involving The Box and House of Yes

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Here we have a lush 33-acre gothic manor where you’ll immerse yourself in three days and nights of some of the world’s best DJs and artists, champagne-fueled dinners, massages, acrobats, fire-spinners and acts like Bob Moses providing the soundtrack to your sunset.

We’re not not excited about it.

The nightlife aficionados behind You Are So Lucky tapped the talents of The Box (!), House of Yes (!), Caravan Gitane (!) and others to create this incredibly promising nightlife supergroup: one you’d be smart to trust with something like this. It’s happening July 7-9th at an as-yet-undisclosed manor. Yep, one of those.

So yeah, makes sense that most of the event is—and has been—sold out. But we asked them to hook us up with some passes exclusively for UrbanDaddy readers, and you’ll find those right here.

Should you choose to head up there (and you should choose to head up there), here’s what to expect.

—Friday night is spent at “The Plant,” an expansive ruin on the edge of the Hudson.
Your evening will unfold with performances by an acrobatic troupe alongside a star of Queen of the Night, endless champagne and hors d’oeuvres by a Turkish fusion chef. Also, fire-breathers. Also, a hell of a lot of people wandering a goddamn abandoned power plant filled with incredible artists and performers.

—Then Saturday, said artists will flock to an expansive manor on the north edge of the city. Be amongst it.
Expect gorgeous grounds, gardens, and 72 rooms to wander. Upstairs, House of Yes has set up two dozen performers exploring theme of seven sins vs. seven feminine archetypes. The kind of theme you’ll probably (read: definitely) want to check out. Downstairs, there’s the Shanghai Mermaid: a performance of jazz, beauty, and burlesque, 1920s style. Elsewhere, Caravan Gitane has done the following—a description so mind-blowing we didn’t change a damn word. “Experience... the Gold Room, presenting one part ritual mixed with one part fantasy mixed with one part sacrament on the dance floor in an orgiastic ode to orchids and ashes.” Um, yeah.

Also happening: ecstatic dance parties, sound healing, and a night circus full of strange and wonderful acts. Bob Moses will usher in the evening.

—Sunday will start with brunch in the garden, and end with sounds by Wolf + Lamb.
In between: massages at the hidden spa, secret bars and global DJs spinning all day.

Oh, and if you’re only game for Saturday, we’ve got you. Head here. Discount code: SOLUCKY.

Indeed you are.
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