The Five Most Random Things You Can Buy from the Keith Richards Auction

Yes, This Includes His Leopard-Print Stiletto Chair

By Sam Eichner ·
Rock god and subject of scientific study Keith Richards is auctioning off the contents of his Upper East Side apartment on June 24th. 

Naturally, any further insight into the goings-on and general headspace of Mr. Richards is of great interest to the human race. Thus, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sift through the offerings and highlight the five most random objects available for purchase later this month.

Prepare your bids accordingly.

This is either a leopard-print stiletto for a giant or a comfortable lounge chair in the shape and style of a leopard-print stiletto. We’d like to think Keith Richards entertained that same thought under the influence of drugs once upon a time.

Here’s a fancy china set engraved with skulls. Huh.

You might think twice before putting this pottery jardinière in your living room, unless you like discomfiting inanimate objects that gaze deep into your soul.

Not really sure what the hell this is or what you would do with it but it used to be Keith Richards’s, so when someone sees it at your house and says, "That's random," you can reply, "No, that's Keith Richards'."

Boy. If Edwardian four-poster beds could talk...


Sam Eichner

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