Hip-Hop and Alligator Sliders in Little Havana

This Place Ends Up Being Surprisingly Date-Friendly

By Ginger Harris ·
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You’re craving Venezuelan-American fusion, so off to Little Havana you go.


Wait, what?

Let’s start over.

With a simple introduction to Edukos, a new, yes, Venezuelan-American restaurant and bar that’s now open smack in the middle of Cuban town. Here’s the menu and the slideshow. 

Now that we’re all back on the same page, let’s move on to how things will unfold there with you and your date...

There’s whitewashed brick covered in Venezuelan art. There are rope lights overhead. There are two floors comprising one tavern-like space, throughout which a steady mix of ‘60s soul and old-school hip-hop stream. The drinking conditions are perfect.

And so you’ll insist on a Maria Luisa, a delightful concoction that infuses prosecco and guava juice with rosemary and thyme. Maybe just a regular bottle of prosecco. Maybe both.

The menu’s from the guy behind Central in Peru and, locally, El Cielo. It features things like alligator sliders with blueberry chutney and sriracha mayo. Have that, but also have some biscuits filled with eggnog cream and served with a dark brew caramel sauce for dessert.

See, you’re totally into Venezuelan-American now.
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