Things to do for May 10, 2017

It's Called Fat Baby Tacos

And You Know What to Do There

By Sarah Freeman

It’s Spiced-Pork-and-Beer-on-the-Patio Time

It’s Spiced-Pork-and-Beer-on-the-Patio Time

After this unseasonably cold spring, you’ve earned some patio time. The Winchester will oblige with its new Patio Series, which gives guest chefs control of the al fresco menu. On Thursday, Kimski’s Won Kim throws down spiced pork chops with scallion gremolata and the like. Plus Brooklyn Beer specials. Patio party complete.

Breakfast at a Wine Bar. Seems Fair.

Breakfast at a Wine Bar. Seems Fair.

You could start the day with coffee, or you could start the day with foie gras in an English muffin with egg and truffled sausage. And coffee. This week, the Purple Pig—that Michigan Avenue wine bar that’s always crowded—introduced a Spanish-inspired breakfast that highly encourages the latter. We trust you’ll agree.

Mon-Fri, 8-10:30am, The Purple Pig, 500 N Michigan Ave, 312-464-1744

It’s Called Fat Baby Tacos. You Know What to Do.

It’s Called Fat Baby Tacos. You Know What to Do.

To fill a tortilla with slow-braised carnitas or with deep-fried cheese? Such agonizing decisions are the premise of River North’s newest margarita-on-draft-and-sidewalk-patio-having spot that specializes in DIY tacos and burritos. Good luck out there.

Mother’s Day Problems: Solved

Mother’s Day Problems: Solved

In case you forgot, Mother’s Day is Sunday. To wit, Renegade Craft Fair’s Pilsen pop-up will be loaded with 150 vendors ready to ply you with screen-printed greeting cards, booze-scented soaps and vegetable bouquets. Since your mom probably specifically asked for all of those things.

May 13-14, 11am-6pm, no cover, Renegade Craft Fair, Halsted St (between W 18th and S Canalport Ave)

No, We Didn’t Forget the Mother’s Day Brunch

No, We Didn’t Forget the Mother’s Day Brunch

And she’ll be happy to hear that Two’s brunch has returned, complete with Sockeye salmon, ramp cream cheese-topped bagels and hot chicken and waffles. Mostly if you take her there.

Sundays, 10am-1:30pm, TWO, 132 W Grand Ave, 312-624-8363

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