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Bar Moga: The Latest in Japanese-Inspired Date Spots

Shochu Drinks, Cheesy Gratins and Drinking for the ACLU in Greenwich Village

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Moga (n): Japan’s equivalent to America’s flappers, they were women who followed westernized fashions and lifestyles in the 1920s, often sexually liberated and financially and emotionally independent jazz lovers.

Bar Moga (n): This new gem of a date spot across the street from Miss Lily’s, inspired by the aforementioned mogas and opening tonight down in Greenwich Village. Pertinent facts to follow:

The vibe: Sort of East-meets-West, with parchment screens, moga-inspired paintings, leather banquettes and a textured copper ceiling. It’s a classy modern American drinking den in some ways, with a notable Japanese twist and, again, parchment.

The pedigree: You’ve got a Milk & Honey vet at the drinks helm, and a SakaMai chef in the kitchen.

The feminist lean: With a female beverage director and head bartender, a wine list sourced from all-female winemakers and a portion of proceeds from one drink donated to the ACLU, you may or may not earn some brownie points if your date is particularly politically conscious.

The drinks: A lot of interesting liquors and shochus going on. Note the Woman in the Dunes (barley shochu, coffee liqueur, iron amaro, toasted almond, heavy cream) and the Sleepwalk, which is their take on a piña colada, with lemongrass shochu, Yuzu Omoi, coconut and rose. Menu’s right here.

The indulgence: Bar bites come in the form of four-cheese seafood gratin, panko fried prawns with tartar sauce and a demi-glace-topped chicken rice situation with an omelet, the latter of which is pictured in your slideshow.

Summer’s a couple months away yet.
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Bar Moga
128 W Houston St
(at Sullivan)
New York, NY, 10012


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