Fresh Off the Runway, From the Ensign

UD Perks Has Fashion Week’s Greatest Hits for 20% Off

By Geoff Rynex ·
Just after this past New York Fashion Week: Men’s, we told you about the Ensign, a little corner of the internet that happens to be able to outfit you with the world’s most handsome clothing, straight from the runway. Hopefully it’s obvious why we felt the need to tell you about that.

But afterward, we struggled. We tossed and turned and wondered to ourselves, “How could we make that even better?” After some light pondering and consulting of our basic common sense, we decided that lopping 20% off this “world’s most handsome clothing” would be a start.

And so now you can get a greatest hits collection from the Ensign via UD Perks for 20% off, right here.

Deveaux’s spring resort shirt, some beach-ready sweats from Thaddeus O’Neil, a standout bomber from Carlos Campos. All this and more is just waiting around to make someone look a lot better than they already do. Garciavelez, Ddugoff, Palmiers du Mal and Krammer & Stoudt also have strong contributions. And if these names sound even vaguely familiar, it’s because we mention them in longing tones all the time, due to their overwhelming sartorial perfection. Anyway, we just thought you should know.
Geoff Rynex

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