The Strip’s Most Decadent Sushi Roll

And Karmic Bliss in a Helicopter

By Sam Eichner

Cocktails, Bowling and Breaking Bad’s Hazmat Suit

Cocktails, Bowling and <em>Breaking Bad</em>’s Hazmat Suit

Should you be enjoying a drink downtown sometime soon—and, really, why shouldn’t you be?—swing by the Nerd. It’s technically a nightclub, yes. But it’s also got a bowling alley, table games and one of the hazmat suits from Breaking Bad. It has other stuff, too.

Now open, The Nerd at Neonopolis, 450 Fremont St, 702-405-0816

Going Where No Yogi Has Gone Before. Maybe.

Going Where No Yogi Has Gone Before. Maybe.

Tantrum yoga. Beer yoga. Goat yoga. The list of weird new yoga practices goes on and on. Add to that: HeliYoga. Basically, you are conveyed via helicopter over the Valley of Fire to a crazy-scenic location, where you’ll proceed to do yoga. And where that smelly guy from class won’t.

Available now upon request, $3,499, HeliYoga

Never-Before-Seen Muhammad Ali–Related Things

Never-Before-Seen Muhammad Ali–Related Things

It makes sense that this new Muhammad Ali exhibit—featuring never-before-seen videos, rare photos and personal artifacts (like two world championship rings)—would be on display at the Bellagio’s fine art gallery. But it makes even more sense that you would check it out. Just saying.

This Sushi Was Made for Tax Refunds

This Sushi Was Made for Tax Refunds

As if there weren’t enough ways to blow your tax refund in Vegas, Sushi Roku just launched the High Roller Sake Pairing, which entails a premium sake flight and an off-menu roll made with Wagyu beef, sea urchin, caviar, lobster, truffle, gold flakes and rice. You’re so pumped for that rice.

An Easter Brunch. With Poke.

An Easter Brunch. With Poke.

Easter Sunday and brunch go together like Passover and unleavened bread. Exhibit A: the all-you-can-eat Easter brunch at Herringbone, where you’ll stuff yourself silly on Alaskan king crab, breakfast burgers, poke and filet-mignon-and-eggs. It just sounds really right for Easter.

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