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Like Drinking Milkshakes (and Beer) in an ’80s Sitcom

The Most Nostalgic Possible Way to Drink Your Ice Cream

By Ginger Harris ·
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The ’80s.

Man, what you wouldn’t give to hop into a time-traveling phone booth and drink some weird milkshakes in those...

Thus concludes our transparent segue into Vicky’s House, a throwback milkshake bar that you gain entrance to by walking through a Bill-and-Ted-style phone booth. It’s open now in Coconut Grove, and this slideshow feels very nostalgic.

On the other side of that phone booth lies a magical land of new wave, ’80s-sitcom-themed miscellany and bar stools covered in protective plastic. It’s adjacent to LoKal, and the whole vibe is inspired by its owner’s childhood kitchen, right down to the red-and-yellow floral wallpaper and linoleum floor.

Wander past mushroom-adorned canisters, a swag chandelier and a yellow refrigerator toward those seats at the kitchen bar (yellow formica, of course).

Peruse the menu’s entertainment-themed shakes. The outstandingly named E.T. Goes to the Movies to Watch the Goonies combines Milk Dud and buttered-popcorn ice cream with Reese’s Pieces and a mini Baby Ruth.

Have that for sure. But encourage someone you’re with to get the Breakfast Club so you can see what it’s like to eat vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, Cap’n Crunch, bacon, espresso and a Salty Donut glazed donut at the same time.

And that yellow fridge: it’s stocked with beer and wine.

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