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A Dozen Hard-to-Find Italian Wines Are Heading Your Way

This New Site Is Unearthing Small-Production Wines So You Can Drink Them

By Kevin Gray ·
It takes a lot of time to become an expert on regional wines from around the world. You have to travel the globe, relish in finding rare vintages from small producers and then figure out how the hell to get them back home.

So, thankfully, someone’s done all that legwork for you.

Clos is a new operation that sources small-production wines from one region at a time, and collects them in a dedicated corner of the internet for your perusal and purchase. First up: Piedmont.

The initial offering’s got 12 wines from seven winemakers: all from Piedmont, and spanning a diverse mix of varietals, including barolo, nebbiolo and barbaresco. You can buy bottles, purchase cases or go the mix-and-match route. Once you’ve made your selections, they’ll ship to you. For free.

But say you want to learn more about Piedmont and the people who are nobly turning grapes into something better. The site’s got videos that detail the featured region and winemakers. They all seem like nice chaps.

Each region will have a limited number of wines, so once they run out, they’re gone. But that’s when Clos will move on to the next spot, always focusing on lesser-known labels from around the world, thereby keeping your geography skills sharp... and your home bar stocked with something interesting.

Two qualities your dinner guests are sure to appreciate equally.

Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray lives in Texas. He likes whiskey, weekends and hammocks, often at the same time.

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