The Wooly Public

It’s Called the Wooly Public, So That’s Fun

Its Cocktails Are Surrounded by Pachyderms and Cult Games

By Geoff Rynex
716387ccf55bc4049bebc974901b820118 PhotosThe Wooly Public
You sit at the Ouija board table with your Tinder date. Things are going very well. Or so says the juju spirit of Ouija. An elephant contains your gin cocktail. A knife protrudes from your burger, to emphasize its thickness. Things continue to go well.

This happens at the Wooly Public, an elephant-forward cocktail spot in the Woolworth Building. It’s open now.

No, you will not be eating elephant. That’d be wrong. They’re just everywhere. Subtly, but everywhere. We’d like to give you a look around, and a chance to see some of its drinks and foods. Here’s that chance.

Geoff Rynex is the only person named Geoff Rynex in the history of mankind. He would rather have the best burger than the best steak, likes hearing bartender stories and spends too much money on clothes.

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