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The Largest Sports Bar Screens in America

Because There Are Games to Watch, and These TVs Make Them Enormous

By Kevin Gray ·

March Madness is mere days away. We trust that you’ve got your bracket in order, so all that’s left to do: find the perfect spot to skip work and watch some basketball. 

And since you’ll be parked in front of a TV for the next couple weeks, let’s make sure it’s a nice one. Ideally, one of the largest in America.

To help with that, here are 12 of the biggest, brightest ways around the country to watch some plucky Cinderella ruin your bracket.

Don’t worry, all these places serve beer.

This year, you want to watch the tournament in Buffalo. We’re just as surprised as you are. But see, the new Harbor Center is home to a sports bar with a 38-foot screen that spans two stories. So it’s basically a jumbotron. (716) Food and Sport, Buffalo


Not to be outdone, this behemoth of a St. Louis bar has a 40-foot LED screen, a retractable glass roof and an exclamation point in its name. Fox Sports Midwest Live!, St. Louis


Here you’re dealing with the self-proclaimed largest HD projector in DC at 240 inches. That’s 20 feet. And despite what Buffalo and St. Louis say, that’s big. Public Bar, Washington, DC


To replicate that at-the-game feeling, try this place with its luxury boxes, stadium-style seating, 100 HDTVs and center screen measuring in at a cool 16 by 9. And if you’d like to place a bet, good news, you’re in Vegas. Lagasse’s Stadium, Las Vegas


There’s an entire wall of TVs behind the bar, but there’s also a projection screen that’s 20 by 11.5 feet. So, roughly the size of a Boston apartment. Champions, Boston


Try ordering a beer at this place and you’ll find yourself distracted, staring at a block of TVs the size of a bus. It’s a nice problem to have. Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill, multiple Massachusetts locations


Walk toward the back and you’ll find a 16-foot projection screen waiting for you. Sit down, have a drink, hold your neck at a slight incline and—yes, we just described how to watch TV. The Owners Box, Dallas

What it lacks in height, it makes up for with 30 feet of width spanning the length of the bar. Public House, Chicago


A couple of 200-inch projectors and a wall of TVs ensure there’s not a bad seat in the house. Good for catching all the buzzer beaters while multitasking on some nachos. Zone 8 Sports Bar & Grill, San Jose

Play some pool, have a drink and watch your alma mater run the fast break in what amounts to a loud movie theater. All that can be accomplished here. Golden Gate Tap Room, San Francisco

See that picture on the wall? It’s really a 144-square-foot LED screen that shows all the big games. So if you’d like to start the wave somewhere you probably shouldn’t, well... Ty Bar at the Four Seasons, New York

What this 47-foot TV screen lacks in size (we guess?) it makes up for by being on a boat, floating in front of this bar's patio on the Miami River. Nature, technology and beer, living in perfect harmony. American Social Bar & Kitchen, Miami

An original version of this article ran on March 9, 2017. 

Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray lives in Texas. He likes whiskey, weekends and hammocks, often at the same time.

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