Diamond Reef

Attaboy, but Bigger, Tropical and with a Menu

This Will Probably Be Brooklyn’s Best Cocktail Bar

By Geoff Rynex ·
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We don’t normally delve into the rankings game, but Attaboy is the best cocktail bar in New York. It’s close, and there are definitely other great ones, but it’s the best.

And now its proprietors, Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy, have created Diamond Reef, a much larger, more whimsical cocktail spot with a menu and frozen cocktails. It’ll be open soon on the Crown Heights/Bed-Stuy border.

This is a large place. A neighborhood place that’ll have a backyard that’s open late. It’ll be possible to obtain food there once that backyard is operational. Expect a food truck doling out grilled skewers. But since backyards are impractical right now, you’ll have to settle for a spacious, palm-tree-wallpapered, palm-tree-having indoor area with wraparound teal banquettes and bar stools.

As for the drinks, it’s notable that the legendary Penicillin comes in frozen form. A few other frozen cocktails will also exist. In the not-frozen category, they’ve created some new cocktails, one of which is blue. That’s the Old Firm, a curaçao cocktail based in cognac and blanc vermouth (it’s in the slideshow along with a few other drinks). And all of these will be on an actual menu.

How novel.
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Diamond Reef
1057 Atlantic Ave
(between Classon and Franklin)
Brooklyn, NY, 11238


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